WoobbyArt leather products catalog

Author's sculpture and natural leather.
Art as accessory!

Natural leather
Material that lasts for many years.
Leather as it is. Uncoated and treated, with natural pattern (merja) or without it. The texture is most often pronounced.

Crust undergoes drum dyeing with a special mode called through dyeing. There is no fear that the dyed face will peel or crack. You won't notice much difference in color between the face and the cut of the leather itself.

Crazy Horse
This leather is characterized by its aging effect and beautiful shades of color, it changes its pattern at folds and places it touches. The leather is waxed in a darker color so the pattern is always flowing and changing, like the sand under a horse's hoof.

Vintage is the main feature of this variety. It's easy to get marks and scratches on it. But these are damages to the wax that covers the leather. The scratches can easily be removed if desired. It is enough to rub the area with a soft cloth.

Product care
The bottom line is that skin is alive and should be treated in the same way. Do not dry it out and at least sometimes use a nourishing product. Now a little more detail.

Cleaning. The easiest way to clean your product is with a dry cloth. If it does not help, you can rub with a cloth dampened with warm soapy water (there are specialized wet wipes). Do not use undiluted alcohols and solvents on the skin.

Care. We highly recommend colorless creams and waxes with water-repellent properties for care. They will not only hide minor scratches and nourish the leather, but also protect it from moisture. We use Wren's Dubbin matte wax for pre-sale preparation. By the way, during the wet season we highly recommend silicone water-repellent spray. It works wonders even on suede shoes.

Storage. Never keep leather in plastic. They can crack under the lack of air or moisture. Paper or cardboard boxes are good.

To keep the bag from losing its original shape, fill it with paper when storing it in the closet for a long time.

In Craft We Trust

We  make our notebook and sketchbook covers only in genuine crust and crazy horn leather. All covers are removable and can be used for new notebooks of the same size.

The bas-reliefs are handmade by professional sculptors, then molded and cast in high strength sculptural plastic that has performed extremely well in abrasion, impact and bending.

The large sketchbook has 120 sheets inside.
Suitable for writing and drawing with pencils, rulers, pen.

Inside small sketchbooks 80 sheets.
Suitable for notes and drawing with pencils, rulers, pen.

best friends on trips and walks
Natural leather
High quality fittings
Top-class tailoring
Unusual accessory

Sleek and handy accessory for holding your passport, plastic cards, documents. Clasp design makes it look like a vintage book.

4 spacious pockets for cards.
2 pockets for passport or cash.

Security 2-button fastener.

Our wallets are made of genuine leather, bas-relief molded from high-strength sculptural plastic by designer's molds.

About US
We are Woobbyart, a workshop that combines sculpture and natural leather. Our products are modern and minimalist in design, but with a big twist in the form of detailed sculptural bas-reliefs.

We dote on high quality and comfort, so we#design our models for a long time, choose the leather carefully and sew with quality. All the bas-reliefs are hand molded, molded and cast in high strength polyurethane plastic.

Incredibly tactile, they would make a great gift or personal artifact and ll please for years to come.

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